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What is Yelp Clone?

The yelp clone website is the best platform for people to connect for business purposes with 100% source codes and  license file for each domain. Yelp business account allows different businesses to share and exchange information with the aid of yelp community. Significance of Yelp Clone Script The yelp clone advertisement script allows an entrepreneur to build and run a site like Yelp. The Yelp clone is a consumer review clone site that facilitates an entrepreneur to develop his own interactive business review site. It will permit businesses to respond publicly and privately to user reviews.

Necessity of Yelp Clone

Hence Yelp clone website is the best way to find great local businesses. The product will not just prove to be beneficial for buyers who want to set up their own review site, but it is also good for consumers/people who are constantly searching for everything right from city’s best cardiologist to renowned tastiest burger. Overview of the Product The product is highly customized to help users modify the theme; control the users of the site, categories, posts, comments, lists through easy to handle admin panel.

Besides these one can add videos to business listing, classifieds. The script has been specifically designed to provide online search capabilities for its visitors and application programming interface to integrate business reviews into Google maps application. It is also SEO friendly. It is not just built for programmers; it can be purchased by anyone to cater the business needs, because no coding knowledge is necessary to build a site like Yelp.

Local Business Directory Script Helps to build a profitable business directory website with no time Script comes with multi city settings Powerful rating system Advanced notification system that can be customized easily Bug free Plug & play Economical & handy.

Backend Features

Admin Features:

Extra Features:

  • Password Protected Admin
  • Login
  • Change Password
  • Forgot Password
  • Dashboard
    1. Website Over view
    2. Statistics
    3. Charts
    4. Social sharing reports
  • Member Management
    1. Search member
    2. Edit/delete/suspend Member
  • Message management
    1. Message list
  • Business Management
    1. Business list
    2. Search business by
      1. Category
      2. Subcategory
      3. Members
  • View business review
  • View photo gallery
  • View video gallery
  • Edit business
  • Delete Business
  • Add new business
  • Category & subcategory Management
    1. Add/Edit category/Subcategory
    2. Delete Category
  • Review Management
  • Event Management
    1. Event list
    2. Edit event
    3. Delete event
  •  Video Management
    1. Video list
    2. Edit video
    3. Delete video
  • FAQ management
    1. FAQ list
    2. Add faq
  • Event Category Management
    1. Add event category
    2. Edit event category
    3. Delete event category
  • Bulk listing import
    1. Bulk business upload(CSV)
  • Talk Management
    1. Talk list
    2. Add talk
    3. Edit talk
    4. Delete talk


  • Adsence Management
    1. Add adsence
    2. Edit adsence
    3.  Delete adsence
  • Content Management
    1. Add/Edit Content
  • Report management
    1. Generate report as per date
    2. Download report in csv
  • Advertisement Management
    1. Ad list
    2. Edit add
    3. Delete ad
  • Auto form management(Add listing fields will be according to category)
    1. List form fields
    2. Add form fields
  • Mail Management
  • Country Management
    1. Add country
    2. List country
  • City management
    1. Add city
    2. List city
    3. Assign cities which will be show in font end
  • News Letter
    1. Send bulk newsletter
  • Send Bulk Sms
  • Footer management
    1. Dynamically creates footer links
    2. Footer link list
  • Feedback Management
    1. Add/edit feedback
    2. Approve feedback
  • Site setting
    1. Home
    2. Contact
    3. Pay Provider
    4. Meta
    5. Social
  • Sitemap management
    1. Add site map
    2. Edit site map
    3. Delete site map
  • More features can be added as per needs and extra charges.
    • Payment gateway and sms gateway charges are payable by buyer.
    • More features can be added as per needs and extra charges.

Top Menu:

Footer Section (Manage by administrator)

  • Login
    1. Login through website
  • Signup
    1. Signup through website
  • Advance Search bar on top
    1. Business(Auto Populate)
    2. Location(Auto populate)
  • About me
  • Write a Review.
    1. Search business
    2. Select business
    3. Write review
    4. Review list
  • Find Friends
    1. Search friend by name
    2. By email
  • Messages
    1. Inbox(With count)
      1. Show all receive message
      2. Show as read
      3. Show as unread
    2. Sent message
      1. Show all sent message
    3. Compose message
      1. Select friend
      2. Put subject
      3. Put message body
  • Talk.
    1. Add new conversion
    2. All conversion
    3. My conversion
    4. Conversion filter by category
  • Events
    1. Post event
      1. Title
      2. Description
      3. Photos
      4. Videos
      5. Start time
      6. End time
      7. Etc
  • Search event
    1. Filter search by different params
    2. Sort by
      1. Date
      2. Recently added
      3. etc
  • Location and alphabetical order business will be show(Location will be auto detect)
    1. According to location and keyword business will be show
  • About yelp section
    1. Yelp blog
    2. Press
    3. Investors Relations
    4. Terms of service
    5. Privacy Policy
    6. Ad choices
  • Help Section
    1. FAQ
    2. Advertise
    3. Content Guideline
    4. Contact Yelp
    5. Business support
    6. Developers
  •  Account
    1. Profile Home
      1. My account
      2. Change profile picture
      3. Change password
      4. Edit profile
      5. Friend
      6. Reviews
      7. Photos
      8. Business
  • Listings
    1. Add listing
      1. So many fields here
    2. Edit listing
    3. Delete listing
  • Reviews
    1. Post event
    2. Show reviews with count
    3. Search reviews
  • Compliments
    1. Post event
    2. My compliments
  • Followings
    1. Post event
    2. My followings
  • Friends
    1. Post event
    2. Show friend request
    3. Show friend list
  • Events
    1. Post event
    2. My event
  • Bookmarks
    1. Post event
    2. My bookmarks
  • Add Listing
    1. Select country
    2. Select city
    3. Put business name
    4. And so on

Body Section:

Search Section

  • City Listing.
    1. Listing will be show by city
  • Category with business
    1. One section will be show category
    2. Other section will be show listing
    3. By default one category will active in category section
    4. In listing section listing will be show under activate category
  • Recent Activity
    1. In that section will be show all users activity
    2. More event will be show in same section with our reloading
  • Recent Business
    1. Will be show all recently
  • Popular event
    1. Show popular event
    2. More event will be show same section without load the page
  • Recent talk
    1. Show all recent talk
    2. More
  • Claimed business
    1. Show all claimed business
  • Search Result
    1. Show short description
    2. Last Reviews
    3. Ratings
  • Listing details page
    1. Total Reviews
    2. Write a review
    3. Add photos
    4. Share
    5. Book mark
    6. Location
    7. Location also show in map
    8. Show reviews
    9. Show recommended reviews
    10. Show related listing
    11. View gallery
    12. Claim your listing

Yelp Marketplace Front End Member Login Credential

Yelp Marketplace Software has been designed integrating all possible features and security issues. Before purchase, please get a view of the front end & backend demo and details features list of this product.

Front End Member login details:


Send a request to get admin login Contact Us

In order to install Yelp Marketplace Website in your system, the atmosphere should meet the support with following technical basics:

  1. Apache version 2.0 or higher with mod_rewrite module enabled (allow override option should be set to the all value for the installation directory).
  2. PHP 5.2.6 or higher with disabled safe_mode and open_basedir restrictions.
  3. MySQL version 4.1 or higher. Version 5.x is recommended.
  4. CURL PHP library.
  5. Mcrypt PHP library.
  6. Latest Version Ioncube Installed
  7. Minimum recommended memory available for PHP: 128 Mb
  8. Our technical support team is ready to give you installation and post installation support. Please feel free to mail us:

Our working strategy is a truly an interactive environment with our clients. We understand the value of time and strive to take the burden on our shoulders to accomplish the work in real-time. The development of the project is considered complete when you are thoroughly satisfied with the end result. We will fully support and always consult with you on new technologies that would provide maximum results.

Our Working Process

  • For Ready product, We will upload configure the buyer server once we receive full payment with in 24 hrs. 
  • For custom product or customisation any product, We need time 7 days to 30 working days as per list of customisation and agreed budget  with buyer.
  • All our daily work progress will be uploaded to one of our development server and you will get a link to check the progress.
  • We have weekly reporting system – Where the team leaders of the respective projects will update about the status and progress of the projects.
  • You can check the work and submit your feedback there – Our respective team member will get your feedback in their mail and report system message board.
  • For any kind of consultation you are free to talk with our project leader and with me at anytime